History of Arulmigu SankaraRameswarar Temple,Thoothukudi

Sthala History

        Once Lord SIVA and Goddess Parvathi on the way to Lord Murugan's marriage came here to have some rest. Meanwhile Goddess Parvathi asked about the PRANAVA MANTHRA OM to Lord Siva.When Lord Siva was teaching Goddess Uma the mantras & their meanings their serenity was disturbed by the rumbling of the waves & palm leaves.The noise created by the potter's wheel was also disturbing.As Goddess wanted to continue Her studies without any hindrance,She crushed them to stop making disturbing noise.This continues still now.So then on-words it is called as THIRUMANTHIRA NAGAR.The Sankara Rameswarar was worshiped by Sage KAASIYAPPAR.Sage GOWTHAMAR,Sage BARATHVAJAR and ATHIRI are some more who workshipped here.


        Once a king named SANKARA RAMA PANDIAN was longing for a child.He worshiped a lot. One day he said about this to Kaasiyappa Munivar.According to his says the king came here to Thirumanthira Nagar and after having a Holly dip in Vaanja Puskarani he prayed Lord SIVAN which is near by the pond asking about his result to longing.A year after his wife gave birth to a boy child.With the joy of his son's birth,the king ordered to built a new temple of this Lord SIVA.After the completion of creating a temple he called Lord Siva with his name SANKARA RAMESWARAR